Fusion hair care for damaged hair

Discover the new range

The new Fusion range of hair care products from Wella is designed to provide up to 95% more resilience against breaking and damage. This new formula is designed with Wella’s silksteel fusion program, inspired by spider silk, one of the strongest fibers in nature. The product penetrates deep down the cortex and instantly recovers hair fiber and help to prevent future hair breakage.

Inside Hair

Two amino acids penetrate deep into the hair cortex, refilling the hair.

Outside Hair

The shampoo removes metallic impurities via an antioxidant action. Micronized lipids provide instant wet conditioning. Wella’s silksteel fusion program protects the hair from further damage.

With the Fusion range even the most damaged hair will feel renewed, smooth, elastic and resilient.

The range includes a shampoo, conditioner and mask. In addition there is a rinse off treatment available. When you visit Nirvana mention the range and we’ll be happy to give you more information.